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About language tips/phrases

Nepal is home to diverse geography, 126 ethnic groups speaking as many as 123 languages, the beautiful Himalayas, and a unique culture. Every year thousands of people from around the world visit Nepal to experience the culture, learn about religion, language, and history. People visit Nepal mostly for trekking and adventure since Nepal is an “Adventure Paradise”.

Knowing a few words while traveling to other countries is always a blessing and tool to receive a warm welcome from locals. In Nepal, where hospitality is a huge part of everyday culture, it’s good to try to speak a few phrases for your hosts.

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The Nepali language is the official national language. In main cities, and in many tea houses, most people speak English. Also, some can understand English but don’t speak it. Knowing a few Nepali phrases will be a great help.

Here are some common Nepali phrases/sentences/ words that are easier to learn and will be very helpful if you are planning to visit Nepal for any purpose or length of time.

Nepali - English

Namaste - Hello

Mero naam…..ho - My name is ….

Tapai ko naam k ho? - What is your name?

Tapai lai kasto cha? - How are you?

Malai sancho cha - I am doing well.

Malai sancho chaina - I am not doing well

Dhanyaabad - Thank you

Swagatam - Welcome

Maaf-garnus - Sorry

Hajur - Yes

Haina - No

Mittho cha - It taste good

Mittho Chaina - It doesn’t taste good

Tapai angreji bolnuhuncha? - Do you speak English?

Maile bujhina - I don’t understand

Toilet kata cha? - Where is the toilet?

Yesko kati parcha? - How much for this?

Ramailo vayo - It was fun

Feri Bhetaula - See you again

Dai - Older bother

Bhai - Younger bother

Didi - Older sister

Baini - Younger sister

Daal Bhaat - Rice, lentil soup and curry

Khana khanu vayo? - Have you eaten?

Khana - Lunch / Dinner

Khaja - Afternoon snacks

Pani - Water

Aama - Mother

Buwa - Father

Your guide will teach you a few phrases in the local language once you are in the mountains since each ethnic group has their own mother tongue and it is completely different from the Nepali language.

The best thing about Nepal is that we are always ready to teach you more about our culture, lifestyle, and language. Make your next adventure a time to learn language!