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Amazing mountains, amazing people

The first thing I noticed about the staff at Five14 is they love the mountains and adventure. Whether they were climbing onto the top of the bus to take in the scenery, scrambling up a waterfall, or just pausing on the trail to take in the sheer grandeur of the snowy mountains that surrounded us, they definitely love the mountains.

But after spending a couple days with them, I noticed that their love of mountains pales in comparison to their love for people. By the end of the trek, we didn’t just have a memory card full of photos, but also a trail full of friends. Whether it was telling jokes to other trekkers in the guest house, stopping to ask a porter how he was doing, or laughing around a fire in a Sherpa’s house, they are passionate about people.

This is what makes Five14 so unique. They recognize that these mountains aren’t just a beautiful place to visit. They are people’s homes. Their love of people drives them to want to leave more than just a memory. They are working to make the lives better for the people living in these mountains- through development projects, education, and business training. Five14 is a trekking company unlike any other.