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Hope Revived

“Our hope was dead. But now it is alive again,” locals said, as they worked with us to build new structures.

Many of them said that they were thinking about leaving the area to find work in India or elsewhere. But as they saw our tourists coming back to the area and rebuilding happening, they were convinced that there was still hope for their families.

So many of these villagers were discouraged because the government had promised assistance for rebuilding, but so far nothing has been done.

“You guys don’t just talk, you do things,” the locals told us.

Five14 were the first to bring aid to the area, and now, we have been the first to rebuild. With the funds given by you, our partners, we are rebuilding 25 homestays in four villages, furnishing the school for the area, rebuilding community centers, and jump-starting small businesses.

The 25 homestays we are rebuilding will be the Nepali version of Airbnb! They will be a home for the people, but also a business. As they host trekkers, they’ll be able to significantly increase their household income and earn money that will go toward sending their kids to school, improving the community, and individual family savings.