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5 Gears not to miss

Coming to Nepal? Make sure bring these gears.

The beauty of the Himalayan mountain range, the culture, and people of Nepal, put Nepal on many people’s go-to list. Every year thousands of people from around the world visit Nepal to explore beauty and experience adrenaline adventure. They live their story of exploring this unique culture and place and meeting people for the first time in Nepal. If you are also planning to add Nepal to your story, you will want to bring this list of key items. Many main cities of Nepal are moving towards globalization, especially cities like Kathmandu, and Pokhara, so some things are available for purchase here, but it is best if you would bring these five things with you.

  1. Credit and debit card and money belt:

In cities, it is easier to use your card rather than carry lots of cash since most of the shops and restaurants have this capability. You can take cash out with your card at local ATMs, as some vendors and public transportation only take this form of payment. On the trail, only cash can be used. Bring a money belt.

  1. Personal medicines:

There are some medicines that are not available in Nepal, so it’s best to bring what you need with you. Also, have a small first aid kit, with pain-killers, band-aids, wipes, bandages, scissors, and over the counter cold medicines. Our guides will have basic first aid kits, water purification tablets, and other important medicine.

  1. Sleeping bag:

Having your own sleeping bag will keep you most comfortable. Depending on the season and place you are planning to visit you can bring your sleeping bag and / or a sheet for warmer seasons. Five14 also has sleeping bags available to rent. We’ll send you a specific packing list for the season of your trip.

  1. Good walking shoes:

We walk a lot! Bring shoes that have been broken in, and have full support. Additionally, good socks, flip flops for bathrooms, and warm slippers in winter are good to have.

  1. Water purifier, water bottle and water tablets:

Water is one of the big and most important things to be careful about. Filtered water is available at any restaurant and can be bought from shops in a 1-liter bottle. But, if you are going outside of town in villages or trekking then it’s best to have a water purifier with you. LifeStraw, works best, and having water tablets will add additional safety. Never drink water directly from tap or water resources.

These are a few of the most important things to pack when you are planning to travel to Nepal. Always have travel and health insurance.