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Nepalese Cultural Tips

West meeting East differences

Cross-Cultural Tips to Understand Nepal

Cultural differences are sometimes a challenge when visiting Nepal. The culture of Nepal is a warm culture. Relationships here matter more than any other thing. Emotions are not shown and respecting elders is seen as one of the most important character qualities that everyone is expected to have. Here are a few categories where what you are used to in your culture may clash with Nepali culture.

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These are some of the main areas of culture to know before visiting. Also, Nepali people would love when anyone shares about their family and their life and they will also share more about themselves. Strong friendships are easily started.

Offering tea and snacks are a common way of saying we care about you. One will receive a lot of invitations for dinner or family gatherings, tea, and snack time, as new friendships begin. Family and community are an integral part of everyday life and new friends are easily accepted and warmly welcomed.