Five14 partners with vulnerable villages in Nepal to prevent exploitation through ethical and responsible tourism

  • Five14 works in three critical areas for holistic change in Nepal’s vulnerable rural communities

    Through partnering with local leaders, responsible travel off the beaten path, and community development projects we are helping families in the most vulnerable villages see improved lives and futures.


    In the areas where we work, 75 percent of the women are illiterate. By encouraging education through community centers, English camps, tutoring, and a library, we empower women to aspire to brighter futures and help them detect and stop exploitation.

    Income generation

    By developing eco-tourism in these regions, we are helping people avoid extreme poverty. Through home-stays and job creation, people are able not only to provide for their families, but save money for the future. We are helping in simple projects that improve the lives of the Nepali people.

    Worldview shift

    Currently, humans are seen as commodities in Nepal. This thinking makes the poor susceptible to rampant exploitation. We are working to shift this thinking. Through relationships and seminars, we are teaching that every person has value and helping them realize the potential they have.


    Our Five14 Foundation creates jobs through micro businesses in vulnerable communities. We also help with repatriating survivors of exploitation back to Nepal and help our staff with family needs like school scholarships, child care or emergencies. By giving to Five14's Social Fund, you're helping to create a different future for people in Nepal.

  • Ready to get involved?

    You can join us in preventing exploitation in Nepal. By bringing a group, you can participate in our ongoing community partnerships, or just by adventuring with us, you are providing valuable jobs to people in the villages we visit.

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