The capital city with full of adventure inside it.

  • Kathmandu Cultural Tours


    At Five14, we get you - you're more than a tourist. You want to understand the issues Nepal faces, hangout with the locals, travel responsibly, and engage with the culture.


    Our Kathmandu tours are the first step.

    Justice Tour

    *Group of 3 or more is required

    Learn about the history of injustice and exploitation in Nepal. You'll also meet some of the people on the front lines of stopping it and learn how you can get involved.


    Social Business Tour

    *Group of 3 or more is required

    We'll take you to several businesses in Kathmandu that are providing ethical employment and addressing social issues. You'll learn about the importance of ethical consumerism and see these dynamic businesses at work.


    Half Day Temple Tour

    On this four hour tour, you'll learn about the history, worldview, culture, and religions in Nepal. We'll take you to one of Kathmandu's prominent temples, where you'll witness how people practice Hinduism and Buddhism.

    Full Day Temple Tour

    On this full day temple tour, we'll take you to two temple complexes where you'll learn about the variety of religious practices in Nepal, and get greater insight into how locals think, believe, and worship.

    Full Day Bike Tour

    Skill level: Novice +

    Includes: Bike, Helmet, Guide, Tea, and Lunch

    Does not Include: Water, other safety gear, and any other cost incurred


    Half Day Bike Tour

    Skill level: Novice +

    Includes: Bike, Helmet, Guide, Tea, and Lunch

    Does not Include: Water, other safety gear, and any other cost incurred


    Bhaktapur tour

    Learn more about the ancient city of Nepal, renowned as being the city of craftwork, traditional & beautiful temples, gilded roofs, open courtyards and rich culture

    Cable car

    Go on this one day trip to Chandragiri hills and enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains and lush green valley

    Fulchowki Day Hike

    Hike to the highest hill (2782m) among the surrounding hills of Kathmandu valley and explore the beautiful botanical garden and stunning views from the top

    Shivapuri Day Hike

    This hike takes you to Shivapuri National Park which is known for its flora and fauna is a short and easy hike that offers best hiking and nature trail experience

    Nagarkot Tour

    An excellent overnight trip to admire the panoramic view of the valley, the magnificence of the mountains, and to relax in a breathtaking surrounding

    Kathmandu Walk

    Walk around the streets of Kathmandu to connect with other travelers and explore it. You will learn about the history, culture, people, and more about the local areas

    Bungy Jumping

    Inch your feet towards the edge, take a deep breath, and JUMP! For a real adrenaline rush, it doesn’t get better than this. You’ll jump from one of Nepal’s iconic suspension bridges into a beautiful gorge.


    Nepal is famous for its mountains, and the deep valleys create some of the wildest rivers in the world. Explore the rivers of Nepal on a raft. We can offer some epic white-water adventures or more tame rivers based on your preference.

    Rock Climbing

    Go rock climbing in the natural and majestic rock faces within the valley. The numerous natural climbing sites in Kathmandu are suitable for all kinds of climbers.


    One of the hidden gems of Nepal are the refreshing waterfalls, formed among the deep gorges. Canyoning in these deep gorges is a must for all thrill seekers and water sports enthusiast.


    Ride to some of the cultural sites around kathmandu and know the culture better

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    We also do custom trips!

    Our guides will take you to some of the most amazing terrain on the planet on multi-day trips

  • All prices include transportation, lunch, a guide, entrance fees and 13% government tax.

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